NH Perinatal Substance Exposure Collaborative

Formerly the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs Perinatal Substance Exposure Task Force, this group meets quarterly to provide space for collaboration and resource sharing, and to identify and support activities aiming to serve the needs of those impacted by perinatal substance exposure in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire Perinatal Substance Exposure Collaborative

Meetings are attended by a multidisciplinary group including perinatal and substance use disorder professionals, state agency representatives, public health professionals, Managed Care Organization representatives, and other key partners.

Technical assistance is provided by JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc., with financial support from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Quarterly Meeting Schedule


Please contact the Center for Excellence on Addiction for meeting information. All meetings are hosted virtually via Zoom.

Missed a meeting? You can catch up on our previous quarterly meetings and watch the recordings and review meeting materials.

Plans of Safe Care Resources

Per federal1 and state requirements to support infants, pregnant/parenting people, and their families, a Plan of Safe Care must be developed for all infants affected by prenatal drug or fetal alcohol exposure. A Plan of Safe Care is a critical tool – not only for every infant born exposed to prenatal substance exposure, but for all pregnant/parenting people and their infants. Developed collaboratively with the pregnant/parenting person, a Plan of Safe Care coordinates existing supports and referrals to new services to help infants and families stay supported and connected when they leave the hospital.

[1] 2016 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, amending the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act NH RSA 132 – 10-e and 10-f.

POSC Information

POSC Implementation

Other Resources

Questions about Plans of Safe Care? Please submit a request for technical assistance.

Learning Opportunities

Best Practices for Caring for Infants and Families Affected by Perinatal Substance Use

Developing Plans of Safe Care & Supportive Care for High-Risk Families in NH

Plans of Safe Care Through an Implementation Lens

What is a Plan of Safe Care?  – An Introduction to Best Practices in New Hampshire

Plans of Safe Care in New Hampshire

Community Partners for POSC Development: Recording

Doula & Perinatal Community Health Worker in Medicaid Learning Series – Institute for Medicaid Intervention

Optimizing Care for Mothers & Babies Affected by Prenatal Substance Exposure: Summit to Address Plans of Safe Care in New Hampshire
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Case Scenario Materials