Resources and materials relative to alcohol and drug misuse are provided to encourage further exploration, consideration and adoption of best practices and strategies to change behaviors, perceptions and consequences of substance misuse in New Hampshire. To learn more about the core community sectors, go to the Prevention tab.

Six Core Community Sector Resources

Business (Learn more about best practices addressing substance misuse in the workplace):

Education (For more information about best practice approaches and policies for middle school, high schools and colleges):

Health/Medical (For more information on best practices for health and medical professionals addressing substance misuse):

  • New protocols released by the NH Medical Society for the prescribing of opioids
  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Factsheet

Safety (For more information about best practices for the safety and justice system):

Government (For more resources on the impact of substance misuse on local and county government):

Community Supports (Learn about best practices for community & family support organizations addressing substance misuse):



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