New Hampshire’s Family Care Plan

A Family Care Plan is a critical tool for all pregnant/parenting people and their infants. Developed collaboratively with the pregnant/parenting person, a Family Care Plan coordinates existing supports and referrals to new services. Ideally, a plan should be created prenatally, and is required to be completed after the birth of the baby. Per federal and state requirements [1], a Family Care Plan must be developed for all infants affected by prenatal drug or fetal alcohol exposure. “Plan of Safe Care” is the legal term however best practice suggests using “Family Care Plan” or a “Plan of Supportive Care” which is less stigmatizing to families.
Watch this two-minute NH Family Care Plan video on what the Family Care Plan is and how to use it.

Family Care Plan Resources

Family Care Plan Education & Training

Best Practices for Caring for Infants and Families Affected by Perinatal Substance Use

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  • Perinatal Substance Use: Motivating Recovery – Davida Schiff, MD, MSc, Massachusetts General Hospital – HOPE Clinic
  • Overview of NH Statistics & Data Collection Efforts – David Laflamme, PHD, MPH, NH DHHS, Division of Public Health Services Maternal & Child Health, UNH School of Law /Institute for Health Policy & Practice
  • POSC: A Patient-Centered and Multi-Disciplinary Tool for Healthy Outcomes – Lucy Hodder, JD, UNH School of Law /Institute for Health Policy & Practice
  • Case Scenarios

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    Family Care Planner

    The Family Care Planner helps families collect and organize information during their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby. The information in this planner is a way for families to share their Family Care Plan with their and their baby’s care team. Professionals working with families may choose to use this planner to support the development of a personalized Family Care Plan. Organizations participating in the Family Care Planner pilot project can access additional implementation materials.

    Visit to explore Family Care Planner resources designed for families. You can also download and print out sections of the planner to help support your patients and their families.
    Citations: [1] 2016 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, amending the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act NH RSA 132 – 10-e and 10-f.