Applying to NH Service to Science

Step 1 – Complete the New Hampshire Innovative Prevention Program application. This will alert the Center about the intervention and prompt a meeting or site visit to develop a plan for entering in the Service to Science process. You can use this preview of the application to prepare but please complete the application through the SurveyMonkey link.

Step 2 – Meet with the Center for Excellence team to review the Service to Science process and learn about available resources and requirements. Request a Meeting.

Step 3 – Prepare for and Present to the Expert Panel to become a Promising Practice. Programs should review the Application Guidance Document and tailor their presentation to address the listed requirements.

Programs will receive feedback from the Expert Panel and are encouraged to utilize expertise and TA from the Center to prepare their response. Depending on the level of feedback, the program response may entail another presentation to the Expert Panel or written submission may suffice.

Once the program meets Promising Practice criteria, the next step is to prepare to demonstrate the necessary criteria for Evidence-Based designation.

Step 4 – Present to the Expert Panel to demonstrate Evidence-Based criteria are met. Again, programs should review the Application Guidance Document for Evidence-Based criteria and requirements for presenting. Similar to Step 3, the Expert Panel will provide feedback and the program will have support from the Center to develop the practice to a level that will meet the criteria and respond to the Expert Panel’s recommendations.

Step 5 – Celebrate! The process is rigorous and can take years. Reaching Evidence-Based designation brings a program to a level of effectiveness that ensures the best outcomes for its participants and can position the program for replication, sustainability, and increased eligibility for funding opportunities. Congratulations!