Student Assistance Network

The Center has created the New Hampshire Student Assistance Network to strengthen and expand the presence and impact of Student Assistance Programs in New Hampshire schools.
New Hampshire Student Assistance Network
What is the New Hampshire Student Assistance Network?

The New Hampshire Student Assistance Network (The Network) develops, aligns, and promotes Student Assistance Programs (SAP) based on the nationally recognized, evidence-based Project SUCCESS. In collaboration with the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, The Network continues to support SAPs by providing:

  • group and individual technical assistance,
  • a Community of Practice learning collaborative, and
  • support with evaluation and sustainability planning.
What is a Student Assistance Program?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is well integrated into the overall social and emotional support system for students and their parents in a school environment. The SAP uses a team approach and is led by a specially trained student assistance counselor who has experience working with adolescents on early identification and intervention for substance misuse and mental health. Other members of the SAP team include behavioral health school staff, school health and wellness teams, and partnerships with local prevention and behavioral health providers and regional prevention coalitions. The student assistance counselor implements Project SUCCESS and coordinates prevention and early intervention resources to reduce barriers to learning for students in New Hampshire Schools.

What is Project SUCCESS?

Project SUCCESSSchools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students— is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an effective evidence-based program to prevent and reduce substance use among youth ages 12 to 18. Project SUCCESS is a multi-pronged approach, providing education and support at various levels to individuals and families.

Essential activities include:

  • School-wide awareness activities for the school community and families about substance use and mental health resources to promote wellness and avoid high risk behavior, as well as where to go for help.
  • Prevention Education Series for students in at least one grade about mental health, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Parent programs with information about ways they can support their child through healthy adolescent development.
  • Professional development and consultation for school staff to increase staff confidence and strategies for promoting wellness, identifying and addressing risk factors for early substance use.
  • Confidential student assessment for substance use and other behavioral health problems that contribute to poor school performance.
  • Individual and group counseling to provide support for needs identified in the assessment.
  • Referral to community organizations when students need additional support outside of the school-based resources.

Request for Applications for NH Student Assistance Programs

The NH Student Assistance Network announces a request for applications for funding to support Student Assistance Programs in New Hampshire. The application will be available on July 28th, 2022 for a one year contract to support the growth of SAP across the state.

Application Process
1. Review the full application requirements:

2. Email The Network at with notification of your intent to apply.

3. Complete the SAP Self Assessment.

4. Review application requirements with necessary stakeholders and sign the Letter of Commitment.

5. Prepare the responses for the application.

6. Complete the application (via Survey Monkey) and upload the required documents: SAP Self Assessment or Readiness Assessment, Letter of Commitment, detailed budget.

7. Email The Network at to confirm the application submission.

Application Timeline

July 28, 2022 – Release of Application

August 5, 2022 – 12pm – Questions about application process due to The Network

August 10, 2022 – Applications due to The Network

August 18, 2022 – Schools will be notified of the contract status.

Missed the Deadline? Inquire about an extended due date by emailing The Network at

Resources for Application

Questions and Amendment
Addendum to the Budget Request

Please upload a detailed budget, including percent of cash and/or in-kind match that the school district will provide and an explanation of what funding sources and/or resources make up the match. Added: Historically, there has been a minimum 25% cost share/ match required by the school district. In your budget, please included this minimum 25% cost share/ match.

Details added to Budget Request section of Application
Please note the following:

  • The budget should indicate salary and wages for the SAP counselor and allowable hard costs such as travel, equipment (laptop, printer, desk, chairs, table), office supplies, printing for recruitment or events, light refreshments, indirect (occupancy, telephone).
  • If a school has an IRS approved indirect rate please provide documentation.
  • For all applications, indirect needs to be clearly defined.
  • All costs need to be associated with the implementation of the program and in service to the program.
  • Program supervision, training, professional development, and the Community of Practice will be provided by The Network and other contracted providers.
  • If using a subcontractor, please also submit their detailed budget with the same requirements as above.
Is there a specific form/format you wish for the budget to be in?

Budget should be provided in this Excel file. You may download a copy to fill out or ‘save as’ and share the completed sheet with us.

Must the $$$ be spent on salary (only) or is it possible to use funding for program, curricula, professional development, etc...?
See budget application section with parameters listed.
The application appears to be on a Survey Monkey questionnaire. Is it possible to start, save, and return to the application?
No, it is not possible to save. Please review application questions and prepare answers prior to starting the application through Survey Monkey. For your convenience, a PDF of the application questions is provided.
Do we submit one application for the district or one application each per school?
Please submit one application per school as there is need for the building principal to complete it, with self assessment, school census data, budget, staffing plan, etc., which will be particular to each school.
I could not find anywhere in the solicitation what the funding limit is; please direct me to where I can find that.
There is not limit indicated but the parameters are listed .
We do not currently have an SAP and I saw that priority would go to schools that already have one in place. Would we be eligible to apply?
If additional funding becomes available to support new SAPs, the Network will announce the open competitive bid through the Partnership @drugfree NH, the BDAS, and the DOE – Office of Social Emotional Wellness.
Under the history of the SAP program in your district you ask applicants to "provide data demonstrating contract compliance and ability to successfully implement SAP." What does this mean? What kind of data would support this question?
That question has been removed from the final application and replaced with: If previously funded, has your contract been in compliance with BDAS? “In compliance” means that components of the Scope of Work have been completed with no issue with the BDAS and the grant recipient has not been in default.
Would equipment such as vape detectors for bathrooms be considered eligible budget items in this application?

Budgets can support essential activities for the SAP implementation of Project Success (See Essential Activities Include in Project Success section). Other hard costs such as vaping detectors and metal detectors would not fit into these activities.

Is it ok to have the assistant principal sign the letter of commitment since our principal is out of town past the due date of the application?

Yes, that is fine. The review team will require the principal to sign in order to receive the funds, but it will not hinder the application or the review process.

Can schools ask for a deadline extension for the student assistance program application?

Yes, Schools can ask for an extension on the application and approvals or denials will be assessed by the team and granted on a case by case basis. Please email with a brief reason and the date they would like to submit by.

Student Assistance Program Subject Matter Expert

The NH Student Assistance Network seeks a Student Assistance Program (SAP) Subject Matter Expert (SME) to provide program technical assistance and consultation to approximately 40 Student Assistance Programs (SAP) that receive funding from the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.

Learn more about the SAP SME job description, qualifications, and application requirements. This is a rolling application process.