NH’s Service to Science Programs

The following is a list of the NH Service to Science Programs, including the respective organization and current status of each program.

Family Threads – Promising Practice as of 2022

Wilderness Youth Leadership Development – Innovative Program as of 2020

NH Juvenile Court Diversion Program – Promising Practice as of 2020
NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network

Children’s Resiliency Retrea – Promising Practice as of 2020
Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley

Youth Leadership Through Adventure – Evidence-Based as of 2020

Summer Leadership Program – Promising Practice as of 2012
NH Teen Institute

Making Change – Promising Practice as of 2010 (currently in renewal process)
Second Growth

Life of an Athlete – Evidence-Based as of 2015

Take Control – Evidence-Based as of 2017
The Upper Room

One Voice Youth to Youth – Evidence-Based as of 2013
Dover Youth to Youth

Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices – National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs, Policies and Practices as of 2014
Media Power Youth

Recovery Friendly Workplace – Promising Practice as of 2023
Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

Open Sky – Innovative Program as of 2022
Open Sky