NH’S Service to Science Expert Panel

The New Hampshire Service to Science Expert Panel is a team of experts convened by the NH Department of Health & Human Services (NH DHHS), Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services and JSI’s Center for Excellence on Addiction. The Expert Panel reviews and scores Service to Science applications and may endorse a program as a Promising or Evidenced-Based Practice based on a set of criteria examining program design, implementation and evaluation outcomes.

Expert Panel Members:

Dean Cascadden, Ph.D., Superintendent SAU #67 (Bow/Dunbarton)

Sandra Del Sesto, M.Ed., ACPS, Consultant/Master Trainer, Educational Development Ctr.

Valerie Morgan, Administrator (retired), NH DHHS, Bureau of Drugs & Alcohol Services

Jennifer O’Higgins, MA, CPS, Senior Policy Analyst, NH DHHS, Div. of Behavioral Health

Dorothy Skierkowski-Foster, Ph.D., Principal, Institute for Prevention Research, Evaluation & Policy