ASAM Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine Workshop

Virtual NH, United States

This two-day, eight-hour, virtual-live workshop is designed for providers new to the field of addiction medicine in settings such as primary care, emergency care, and behavioral health, who see patients at risk for or with substance use disorders (SUDs). Participants will be presented an overview of the basics of addiction medicine, which covers how to screen, diagnose, treat ... read more

What Does NOT Work in Prevention

Virtual NH, United States

This event will cover information on common myths and tactics that do not work in prevention and provide ways in which these tactics can be flipped to create positive impacts in the community. Register here.

CRSWs Supervising CRSWs

Virtual NH, United States

This course is an entry-level supervision course that outlines concepts critical to the success of the peer worker and the peer role in the agency. This course is designed specifically for CRSWs who will be supervising other peers or CRSWs in NH.

$50.00 – $65.00

SUD in Older Adults – An Overlooked, but Important Population

Virtual NH, United States

This session will unmask the reality of SUDs in older adults, review health and social circumstances that facilitate SUD development as people age, and explain why the use of alcohol and other drugs is particularly dangerous in this population.

NH Perinatal Substance Exposure Collaborative Meeting

Virtual NH, United States

Review materials from the meeting: Collaborative Meeting Notes - December 8, 2022 | Recording New Hampshire Substance Exposure Data Presentation State Plans of Safe Care Research Update Presentation Meetings for the NH Perinatal Substance Exposure Collaborative are virtual and open to the public.

VIRTUAL: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, and Substance Use Disorders

Virtual NH, United States

This is a (6) hour Training specific to Substance Abuse for addiction professionals and other service providers interested in increasing their understanding of the link between stimulant and opioid abuse, human trafficking, & sex trafficking. Participants will be provided information regarding sex trafficking dynamics. Participants will also be equipped with tools to assist clients in ... read more

$65.00 – $80.00

Webinar: Introduction to Program Sustainability

Virtual NH, United States

REGISTER NOW! This introductory webinar orients participants to the factors beyond funding that impact a program’s capacity for sustainability. The Program Sustainability framework identifies eight theory and evidence-based domains, critical to public health programs’ long-term capacity for sustainability, namely: Environmental Support, Funding Stability, Partnerships, Organizational Capacity, Program Evaluation, Program Adaptation, Communications, and Strategic Planning. Participants ... read more

Free for the prevention community in NH

Contingency Management: An Essential Treatment Approach for Individuals with Stimulant Use Disorder

Virtual NH, United States

This training will be remote only. Research evidence will be presented to demonstrate the populations and settings where CM has been used. There are some critically important considerations in successfully implementing CM. These include rigorous protocols, fraud prevention “guardrails” and fully developed training and implementation plans to ensure fidelity to CM procedures.

The Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit

Virtual NH, United States

Stimulants have become increasingly prevalent in overdoses and addiction throughout our communities. Counterfeit prescription pills are being laced with illicit drugs in alarming amounts. We can’t afford to lose more ground, for more lives to be lost. Now in its fifth year, the Cocaine, Meth & Stimulant Summit is the only educational event focused on finding ... read more

Note: The events contained in this calendar are subject to change without notice by their respective organizers. Refer to each event's website for updates.